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The truth about Ridge

Where does Tom Ridge really stand on Abortion?

  • Used public employees and state funds to mail Planned Parenthood advertising fliers to 56,305 female clients of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) statewide. This brochure was approved by the governor's office. Planned Parenthood reimbursed the state ($15,349.88) for this mailing, after it was exposed by the Luksik campaign. It is unclear whether this amount is an adequate reimbursement.

  • Provides public funding of abortion providers
    • $2.03 million in his first budget for abortion providers
    • over $3 million this year

  • Ignores the Abortion Control Act he swore to uphold
    He allowed an abortion mill to open in State College even though it could not obtain the legally-required transfer agreement from a local hospital.

Supporting Documentation:

The Ridge Record on Abortion
Tom Ridge, The Abortion Governor
Tom Ridge's Voting Record of Death
Unsafe Abortions in State College
Luksik and Harrah Expose Ridge's Abortion Record
Tom Ridge, Friend to the Abortion Industry
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Luksik/Clymer: The Sanctity of Life
Equal Care for Everyone?

The Luksik/Clymer team has produced an in-depth video report
A matter of Life and DEATH.
To obtain your copy, contact the campaign at 1-800-801-2027.

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